BoHiBar Drum Filter

Steam Pressure Filtration of High-Quality Pearlescent Pigments

The BoHiBar drum filter is equipped with exchangeable filter cells and is designed for steam pressure filtration It is operated to filter, wash and dewater fine-grained (x50 < 5 µm] high quality inorganic pigments that are manufactured to different specifications and must all be filtered on the same filter unit.

The BoHiBar drum filter achieves a cake moisture of < 20 % while parallel running conventional pressure filters achieve a moisture content of 30–35 %. This means a water reduction by steam pressure filtration of 280 kg per t solids or more than 2 kg water per 1 kg steam applied which means a serious reduction in energy costs.

The BoHiBar drum filter can be quickly prepared for a product change thanks to exchangeable filter cells which allow an unparalleled quick re-clothing, an automatically opening pressure vessel and excellent accessibility. This results in significantly reduced personnel costs for maintenance and cleaning.

BoHiBar Drum Filter S4 with exchangeable filter cells

Units installed



Filter area per unit

[ m² ]


Material of construction



Power of filter drive

[ kW ]


Year of commissioning


2003 (unit 1), 2009 (unit 2)


Process and Operation Data

Solids throughput

[kg DS/h]

140 - 350

Solids content in filtrate

[ wt.- % ]

free of particles

Cake moisture

[ wt.- % ]

< 20

Steam per ton solids

[ kg/t ]


Operation pressure

[ bar (g) ]


Time for change of filter cloth




Product Data



High-quality pearlescent pigments

Medium particle size

[ µm ]

< 5


[°C ]



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