BoCross Dynamic Filter

Concentrating and Washing of Calcium Carbonate - Special PCC Product

For concentrating a fine-particulate special PCC product a BoCross Dynamic Filter with 6 m² filtration area is operated.

The calcium carbonate suspension is fed to the BoCross Dynamic Filter directly after precipitation with a feed concentration of 13 wt.- % (DS-content). In this state the feed suspension has a high viscosity and has to be thickened to an end concentration as high as possible.

The BoCross Dynamic Filter achieves an end concentration of  DS = 40 - 43 wt.- %.  This concentration is higher than the solids content of a filter cake with DS = 37 wt.- %, which is formed by pressure filtration at a pressure difference of Δp = 6 bar.

The solids discharged from the BoCross Dynamic Filter completely satisfy the process targets in terms of

  • high end concentration
  • no air intake
  • pastous consistency with spreadable flow behavior.

BoCross Dynamic Filter

Units installed ­ 1
Filter area per unit [m²] 6
Material ­ 1.4571
Filter drive power [kW] 30 (Pins= 55)
Foot print
[m²] 2
Year of commissioning ­ 2007


Process and Operation Data

Specific filtrate throughput [ l/m² h ] 180–200
Solids content in feed [ wt- % ] 13
Solids content in retentate [ wt- % ] 40–43
Solids content in filtrate [ g/l ] Free of particles
Operation pressure
[ bar, g ] 3


Product Data

Product   Calcium Carbonate – Special PCC Product
Medium particle size x50 [ µm ] << 1
Viscosity [mPas] 25,000
Temperature [°C] 25–30



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