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Future-oriented technologies in solid-liquid separation.

As a source of ideas and leading technology developer, BOKELA offers a variety of solutions in solid-liquid separation. BOKELA filter technologies are used worldwide and are continuously developed further. The aim of BOKELA is to efficiently solve the challenges of our clients with excellent engineers, extensive experience and advanced technologies.

From the first conversation to the installation of the filter system, BOKELA customers are supported by a personal contact who accompanies every project down to the last detail.

As one of the leading companies in process filtration, BOKELA solves your individual challenges: swiftly, economically and with long-term benefits. Simply give us a call.



Consulting and Support

Listen, analyze, help! If you face bottlenecks or your filter system is not running smoothly – our service experts are happy to help.

Spare Parts

Original spare parts are the best choice for a permanently reliable operation of your BOKELA filter system. All of them are quickly available worldwide.


A preventive maintenance service by our specialists ensures the maximum availability of your BOKELA filter system over the long term. If an emergency occurs – our service technicians are always happy to assist you.


By modernizing your BOKELA filter system, you benefit from our latest developments and product improvements. If you use filters from other manufacturers, BOKELA filter Revamps are the best way to optimize the operation of your current system.

News & Events

BOKELA together with its parent company (Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce the award of a major order for the supply of several filtration units to a Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturing plant currently under construction in Europe.

Sophistiacted filter technology is Bokela’s forte and often requires the experts to travel abroad to oversee the implementation of new filter technololgies at their customers’ sites. Now the exceptional situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic forced them to find new ways, as business trips are currently on hiatus. Remote filter commissioning is the current key term.

Tests on the concentration of nanocellulose with the BoCross pilot filter are being carried out in our test field to prove whether the BoCross filter technology is able to produce concentrates of different nanocelluloses.


Technologies that prove themselves over the long term.

BOKELA filtration technologies for solid-liquid separation are continuous rotary filters for vacuum filtration, pressure filtration and dynamic crossflow filtration. They provide economical, durable and sustainable solutions for solids separation, thickening, solids washing, solids demoisturing or classification. BOKELA technologies are suitable for a variety of challenges such as handling large throughputs, filtering difficult products or clarifying high solids content suspensions.


Develop technologies and products that solve problems.

Our product series BoVac and BoHiBar offer state-of-the-art continuous rotary filters such as disc filters, drum filters and disc filters. The BoCross filters includes dynamic crossflow filters for micro, ultra and diafiltration as well as for classification. BOKELA test units enable fast, easy and reproducible tests for vacuum, pressure and crossflow filtration. The primary objective of all products is the optimization of our customers' production processes and the strengthening of their competitiveness.


The best recommendation: sound experience in different industries.

From the chemical sector to the raw material industry – the innovative BOKELA filtration technologies are used worldwide in a variety of applications. With every new challenge, BOKELA's know-how grows and the targeted approach with which we develop solutions for a wide variety of products becomes more advanced.

About Bokela

The DNA of BOKELA: to evolve continuously.

BOKELA was founded more than 30 years ago as a spin-off of the University of Karlsruhe. From the beginning, the spirit of research has been the driving force for innovation and an essential component of corporate DNA. Today, BOKELA is a high-performance, medium-sized company, one of the leading international suppliers and a sought-after partner in process filtration. BOKELA filter technologies optimize cost-effectiveness, occupational safety and environmental compatibility.

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