The BoCross Dynamic Filter is used for concentrating and washing of a modified and very fine titanium dioxide which has to be further processed. It is an important target of this application to achieve a clean product with high end concentration and to prevent any air contact.

The discontinuously produced suspension is collected in a storage tank which feeds the BoCross Dynamic Filter. The retentate is recycled to the storage/feed tank and diluted with wash water for washing out of inorganic salts. Wash water dosage is regulated by a level control. When the salt concentration in the retentate meets the required value the washed suspension is fed to the up-stream process step.

BoCross Dynamic Filter S04

Units installed

[-  ]


Filter area per unit




[ - ]


Filter drive power



Foot print



Year of commissioning

[ - ]



Process and Operation Data

Specific filtrate throughput

[ l/m² h ]

500 - 600

Solids content in feed

[ wt -% ]


Solids content in retentate

[ wt -% ]

50 - 60

Solids content in filtrate

[ g/l ]

Free of particles


Product Data



Titanium dioxide

Medium particle size x50

[ nm ]

200 - 400

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