The BoVac Drum filter is operated for filtration, washing and dewatering of a textile dye product. The filter is equipped with a wash hood and adjustable wash bars with spray nozzles and with a CIP system for clean & safe operation.

The BoVac Drum filter has a filter area of 3 m² and replaces several filter presses of 40 m² filter area each. Main target is to remove Sodium Thiosulphate by cake washing. The filter enables the client to change from batch type filtration process to continuous process.

The targeted cake quality is attained with less wash water. Compared to the filter presses, the BoVac Drum filter requires 1.7 m³ per t of solids less wash water while solids throughput increased from 0.7 to 1.0 t/h.

Due to 24 exchangeable filter cells the change of filter cloth is unparalleld simple and quick. With a second set of filter cells already equipped with filter bags the time for re-clothing is only approx. 1-2 hours, including shutdown, cleaning and restart of the filter.

BoVac Drum Filter XS3

Units installed ­ 1
Filter area per unit [m²] 3
Material ­ 1.4571
Power filter drive / agitator [kW] 0.09 / 0.75
Foot print
[m²] 2
Year of commissioning ­ 2016


Process and Operation Data

Solids throughput

[kg DS/h ]


Solids content in feed

[ wt.-% ]


Salt content in washed cake

[ wt.-% ]

< 2.0

Wash ratio



Time for change of filter cloth




Product Data



textile dye

Medium particle size

[ µm ]



[°C ]


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