The BoVac Pan filter is applied for filtering, washing and dewatering of Al-hydrate before the product is given to the calcination process. Thanks to the hydraulically optimized design with many special features and innovations the BoVac Pan filter enables the filtration and washing of Al-hydrate product with improved filter capacity, improved product quality and reduced operation and maintenance cost.

The filter is equipped with a steam cabin for reduced moisture and leachable soda content and with the new method of attaching filter media, the BOKELA FrameTrak system.  FrameTrak has proven to be a reliable technology with essential advantages over the traditional cloth fixing methods. The performance results of the new Pan Filter show improved product purity in terms leachable soda content (≤ 0.003 wt%) with low wash water and steam consumption (0.3 t/tdry product and 25 kg steam/tdry product) and lower residual moisture (< 4 wt%) in the discharged filter cake.

The improved product purity achieved with this filter enables the client to generate higher sales prices at lower energy costs for evaporation and calcination of the product. 

At the same time the quick filter cloth exchange due to BOKELA FrameTrak and the low maintenance requirement of the equipment leads to significantly reduced manpower requirement and downtime for scheduled and not scheduled maintenance resulting in an availability of > 95 %.

BoVac Pan Filter M43

Units installed



Filter area per unit



Material of construction


Carbon steel

Power of filter drive


3 (Pins= 7.5)

Year of commissioning




Process and Operation Data

Solids throughput

[t DS/h]

65 (up to 100)

Solids content in filtrate


2 – 10

Cake moisture content


3.9  (5.5 without steam)

Leachable soda in discharged cake


< 0.003  (0.004 without steam)

Steam per ton solids



Wash water per ton solids



Time for re-clothing





> 95


Product Data



Aluminium hydrate - product

Medium particle size


70 - 80





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