The BoVac Pan filter is used in a quartz sand mine in Russia for filtration and dewatering of hydro-cycloned quartz sand which is used for glass production. The glass sand must be dewatered to a moisture content of <5 wt .-%, whereby contamination by iron particles must be avoided.

The change from batch-wise discontinuous drainage dewatering to a continuous dewatering process reduces extensive handling and avoids a freezing of the bulk material in cold winter times. A special polymer coating in the filter and filtrate system prevents corrosion and contamination of the filtrate with iron oxide. Easy to lift perforated plates allow cleaning and maintenance of the filter inside.

BoVac Pan Filter XS25

Units installed



Filter area per unit



Material of construction


mild steel

Power of filter drive / scroll


5.5 / 11

Year of commissioning




Process and Operation Data

Solids throughput

[t DS/h


Cake moisture content


4 - 5



> 98


Product Data



Quartz sand

Medium particle size





>  6

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