Chinese PTA producer placed order for filter modernisation

Modernisation of PTA Filters

We have the pleasure to start a modernisation project with a client in China. The Chinese PTA producer – one of the largest PTA producers in China - has been operating a large number of BoHiBar Drum filters for many years. These filters are now being modernized to bring them up to the latest BOKELA design.

These BOKELA BoHiBar Drum filters were delivered several years ago for the one-step filtration process in the customer’s PTA plant. The filters’ task is filtration, washing out of unwanted substances (especially p-toluic acid) and high-grade dewatering of the product in one step. The fully automated pressure filtration plant can be operated via DCS without the need for a field operator. The smooth and stable filtration is controlled by an intelligent logic which is able to self-adjust the filter to changing process demands.

After years of successful operation with high availability and low maintenance, these BoHiBar drum filters are now being revised by BOKELA experts and brought up to date with the latest BOKELA design.

We are constantly developing and improving our technologies and products and are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. Modernization of BOKELA filter systems or filter-revamps - i.e. the optimization of filter technologies from other manufacturers - by BOKELA experts are the best way to ensure the highest availability of a filtration system in the long term. This helps to save costs and increase the quality of the products.

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