BoHiBar Trommelfilter for continuous filtration and washing of an amino acid
BoHiBar drum filter for filtration of an amino acid

Amino acid Filtration

Next 3 BoHiBar Drum Filters for filtration & washing of amino acid

We are pleased to announce an order for 3 BoHiBar drum filters and related services. The filters are designed for continuous #filtration with sophisticated process tasks in the production of an amino acid

BOKELA have already delivered 1 and 3 BoHiBar drum filters with a filtration area each of 12.8 m² for production lines 1 and 2. Since commissioning in 2017 and 2020, these filters have shown excellent performance to the satisfaction of the customer.

Since the customer is building a third production plant to meet the increased market demand, he decided again for 3 BoHiBar drum filters. These next 3 filters will have an enlarged filter area of 18 m² each and will contain all modifications developed together with the customer based on the operational experience with production lines 1 and 2.

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