Dynamic Crossflow Filtration of high quality pigments
BoCross Dynamic Filter for filtration of pigments

Filtration of high quality pigments

Concentrating and washing of high quality pigments with a BoCross Dynamic Filter

Dynamic Crossflow Filtration of high quality pigments

We are pleased to announce the order for supply of  a BoCross Dynamic Filter, which will be operated for washing out and concentrating fine particulated, high-quality #pigments.

The customer decided on a BoCross Dynamic Filter M2 with 2 m² filter area because this technology, based on the principle of dynamic crossflow filtration, is able to achieve a high required final concentration of 70% by weight and an intensive washout to ensure the required product purity. Since the BoCross technology enables solids washing even at high concentrations, a considerable amount of washing water can be saved.

Another important aspect of this application is the fact that the BoCross Filter enables the customer to change filter membranes by himself - easily and in just a few hours. This enables easy product changes.

Read more about opportunities with dynamic crossflow filtration: https://www.bokela.com/en/bocross-challenge

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