BoVac Disc Filter for coal ultrafines filtration
BoVac Disc Filter for coal ultrafines filtration

Vacuum Disc Filter for Coal Filtration

Order for BoVac disc filter for the Australian coal industry

BOKELA has been awarded an order for the delivery of a vacuum disc filter BoVac Disc L176 (176 m2) for filtration of coking coal ultrafines in an Australian coal washery. The scope of delivery also includes various ancillary units such as vacuum pump, filtrate receiver, blower and blower tank.

The BOKELA BoVac Disc L176 will be operated in a coal washery located in the Bowen Basin, Queensland, for the filtration of a steelmaking coal ultrafines flotation concentrate (x50 = 63 µm). The filter is designed for a maximum solids throughput of 140 t/h with the nominal throughput set at 75 t/h. The filter cake will be discharged with a moisture of 23 – 25 wt.-%.

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