Vacuum disc filter BoVac Disc for tailings filtration
Vacuum disc filter BoVac Disc for tailings filtration

Vacuum Disc Filter for Tailings Filtration

Order for BoVac disc filter for mine-backfill application

BOKELA has been awarded an order for the delivery of a vacuum disc filter BoVac Disc L176 (176 m2) for filtration of tailings in a ZINC-LEAD mine in Sub-Saharan Africa . The scope of delivery also includes various ancillary units such as vacuum pump, filtrate receiver, blower, blower tank and supporting services.

The BOKELA BoVac Disc L176 will be operated to produce a paste from concentrator tailings (mean particle size x50 = 14 – 31 µm) for mine #backfill. The filter is designed for a maximum solids throughput of 140 t/h. The filter cake will be discharged with a moisture of <18 wt.-%. The client decided in favour of the BoVac disc filter technology in its backfill plant because of the high throughput and reliable dewatering performance of these modern vacuum disc filters combined with high operational reliability even with different feed conditions and ease of maintenance.

Bokela BoVac Disc filters have proven their performance in many applications with a variety of tailings. They are the preferred choice if the dewatered residues – after admixing with binders – are intended for mine backfill and have set standards with their reliability and cost-effectiveness. In around 80% of all applications the vacuum disc filter type is the most economical technology in terms of CAPEX and OPEX, especially when modern high performance disc filters like BoVac Disc Filters are used. They ensure reliable dewatering and consistently low cake moisture, which is key to minimizing the amount of cement and other additives needed and keeping operating costs low.

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