Dynamic Crossflow filer BoCross MicroScreen for catalyst recovery
Dynamic Crossflow filer BoCross MicroScreen for catalyst recovery

Catalyst recovery in BDO process

Order for a multi-unit MicroScreen filter plant

We are pleased to announce that we have received an order from a Chinese producer of BDO (Butanediol) for the supply of a multi-unit dynamic crossflow filtration plant.

The work includes the engineering, design, supply and commissioning of more than 15 BoCross MicroScreen Filters, which will be operated in the client’s new BDO production plant for the recovery of catalyst, which is an essential step in the BDO production process.

BoCross MicroScreen filters have proven their performance, profitability and reliability in catalyst recovery in the BDO process for many years. The Chinese BDO-producer decided in favour of the BOKELA BoCross MicroScreen Filter technology because of its ability to ensure a constant filtrate flow and high catalyst content in the concentrate, which is crucial for an economic production process.

BDO is an important intermediate and is used industrially in the manufacture of plastics, elastic fibers, polyurethanes and batteries.

The filters will be manufactured in Germany and delivered to China in mid-2023. The contract also includes an on-site supervision package and staff training.

See video showing the function of BoCross Filters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-AMg518qy0

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