Filtration, washing and dewatering

of a Textile Dye Product with BOKELA Drum Filters

For the filtration, washing and dewatering of a Textile Dye Product, an Indian producer has been operating two BoVac Drum filters XS3 (each 3 m² filter area) for about three years. Due to the reliable, economical operation and the good process results of these two BoVac Drum filters, the customer decided to use two BoVac drum filters also for the separation step in the plant extension.

In the initial project the two BoVac Drum filters XS3 replaced several filter presses (40m² each). Main target was to remove Sodium Thiosulphate by cake washing. The filter enables the client to change from batch type filtration process to continuous process. Targeted cake quality is attained with less wash water and the solids throughput increased from by 30%. In addition, the Indian producer was impressed by the excellent adaptation of the filter operation to different challenges due to changing product characteristics and the significant savings in investment and operating costs. This leads to invest in further two BoVac Drum filters.

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