Battery Manufacturing

Order for filtration units to a Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturing plant

BOKELA together with its parent company (Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan) is proud to announce the award of a major order for the supply of several filtration units to a Lithium-Ion Battery manufacturing plant currently under construction in Europe.

BOKELA’s filtration systems offer solutions in Lithium processing from the concentration of the lithium mineral to the refinement and precipitation of lithium carbonate up to the purification of Lithium for the battery manufacture.

BOKELA is one of the world's leading suppliers of filtration systems and advanced separation processes. The German company has a long history of developing and constructing filtration solutions for various industries. BOKELA’s filtration systems are used worldwide and apply to users in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and raw materials industries as a benchmark for innovation, economy and reliability.

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