Vacuum disc filter revamped by BOKELA
Vacuum disc filter revamped by BOKELA

Filter Revamping in Coal Industry

Coal producer placed order for revamp of a 4th disc filter

BOKELA is proud to announce the award of the fourth order from a satisfied customer for the retrofit of a vacuum disc filter. The coal producer operates several disc filters (196 m² each) from another OEM for fine coal dewatering.

We received the first order to optimize one of these disc filters in 2014, the second and third orders followed in 2019 and 2020. The aim of these successful three filter revamping projects was to increase the filter performance, to improve filter operation and availability, and at the same time to reduce operating costs and maintenance. Core components such as filter barrel, filtrate pipes filter segments, control head etc. have been replaced by new components according to the most modern BoVac Disc filter technology. All targets have been achieved for each of the three filters that have been retrofitted up to now. The filter performance has been increased by 70% from 35 t/h to 60 t/h per filter.

Now the customer decided to take advantage of BOKELA’s filter revamping skills for retrofitting of a fourth disc filter.

Filter revamps are the best way to make an old system fit for new challenges



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