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Opportunities With Dynamic Crossflow Filtration

Filter technology runs in our blood, challenges are our daily routine. As filtration people, we take on obstacles and push boundaries. To us, crossflow is not only a method, but a formula for success.

In contrast to conventional crossflow filtration, in dynamic crossflow filtration with the Bokela BoCross filters, the typical tangential overflow of the filter surface is not generated by the geometric flow in the apparatus but by rotors. Why? Because we know that this ensures our customers get optimum results.

If one of these questions is ghosting through your head when you think of your own filter process, it’s high time you get in touch with us. If you have a completely different question, reach out anyway – we love to get our hands on a new challenge.

BOKELA Expertise in a Nutshell

The Five Most Important Filtration Questions

Do you have more than three hours of production stoppage or downtime due to having to replace a membrane?

With BOKELA, you can replace the membrane yourself – no need to wait for days on end for external technicians.

How we do that? Read it here.

Do your employees hold their breath?

Regardless of how toxic your product is, with a BoCross filter your employees can breathe freely

How we do that? Read it here.

Does your filter manage 0,1 µm, too, or is 100 µm as small as it gets?

Particles with 10 µm and smaller is where it is just getting interesting for BOKELA

How we do that? Read it here.

How many washings do you need in order to reach your required degree of purity?

Not only clean but pure. Your desired degree of purity up to what is technically achievable is the standard for BOKELA – and all with one machine.

How we do that? Read it here.

How much valuable product do you lose due to insufficient concentrating?

Try this with a BOKELA BoCross filter. We can undoubtedly do better.

How we do that? Read it here.

Do you have any questions?

Benefit from our expertise – get in touch with us.

We would be happy to help you out and support you with regard to analyzing and taking a look at implementation issues, optimization potential and other aspects of your filtration system.

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