Laboratory Tests in Crossflow Filtration

BoCrossTest – Testing crossflow filtration in a comprehensive but simple way.

BoCrossTest is a laboratory test device for the investigation of dynamic crossflow filtration. With small sample quantities, the possibilities of crossflow filtration with regard to thickening, washing or even classification can be determined and a variety of filter media can be tested. BoCrossTest provides the key data relevant for a filtration evaluation.

BoCrossTest is a laboratory-scale dynamic crossflow filter. Like BoCross Dynamic and BoCross MicroScreen, it operates on the principle of dynamic crossflow filtration and uses the shear stress effect to prevent solid deposits on the filter medium.

With small sample quantities, BoCrossTest enables the determination of the filtration behavior under crossflow conditions. Various suspensions and filter media (polymer membranes, metal mesh, ceramic membranes) can be investigated. BoCrossTest can be operated both, discontinuously and continuously.

BoCrossTest is characterized by the following features:

  • portable laboratory filter with small dimensions (e.g. for use in fume cupboards)
  • only small sample volume of 1 to 40 l required (depending on test scope)
  • use of different filter media
  • fast change of filter media
  • easy handling

BoCrossTest allows small sample quantities to be analyzed for filtration behavior under crossflow conditions - both for general crossflow filtration such as filtration in tubular membranes but especially for a dynamic crossflow filtration at higher shear rates and higher particle loadings.

For various suspensions and filter media (polymeric membranes, metal mesh, ceramic membranes), the possibilities of crossflow filtration can be determined regarding

BoCrossTest supplies the filtration parameters important for a filter layout, such as

  • pressure
  • rotor speed
  • range of concentration
  • flow rate.
Version Complete Basic
Filter area
0.013 m²
Material Filter: 1.4404 / Frame: 1.4307 / Sealing: Viton
Filtration pressure
max. 10 bar max. 6 bar
Operation temperature
max. 170 °C max. 95 °C
Sizes (L × W × H) 736 × 585 × 628 mm 639 × 334 × 581 mm
Weight 63 kg 48 kg
Drive 0.55 kW / IP 65 0.55 kW / IP 65
ATEX (optional)
II/3G Ex h IIB T3 Gc X no
Mechanical seal
Double acting mechanical seal

Operation mode:

membrane filtration

sieve filtration with intermittent backwashing







Cooling of filter housing yes no



Classification means that particular, disturbing particles are filtered from the suspension. This can include a particle collective or specific particle sizes or specific kinds of particles. The purity is essential to the subsequent sale of the product.

BoFilTest and BoCrossTest

Test Apparatuses for Vacuum, Pressure and Crossflow Filtration.

BoFilTest and BoCrossTest are compact filtration apparatuses which can provide a quick, simple and reproducible analysis of the filtration data and the substance parameters, even with only small sample amounts.


Low residual moisture is important for the further processing of the filter cake. With mechanical drying, an intelligent filter design and the right operation mode, production costs can be considerably reduced.

Filter Cake Washing

Filter cake is the name for the solids filtered from a suspension and collected at the surface of the filter medium. The washing of the filter cake is essential to the purity of the filtered solids and thus, for the reusability.

Solid Separation

Solid separation is the first process step with regard to separating solids from fluids. The driving force behind the process is the pressure difference with which the suspension flows through the filter medium.

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