Pressure Filtration with Disc Filters

BoHiBar Disc filter - for particularly dry solids.

High solids throughputs. Low residual moisture. Continuous operation. Minimal footprint. These are the strengths of the BoHiBar Disc filter. Particularly dry solids are achieved with BoHiBar steam pressure filtration. So dry that some residues even become recyclables.

Wherever difficult to filter products or large amounts of suspension are to be filtered – such as concentrates from ore, coal and mineral processing or their tailings – BoHiBar Disc filters offer outstanding solutions.

BoHiBar Disc filters represent the most advanced technology for continuous pressure filtration. High filtration pressure differences up to 6 bar (g) and most modern filter and plant design are the reasons why even with very fine-grained, difficult-to-filter products, large specific throughputs and very low residual moisture are achieved. The space requirement is minimal.

For particularly low residual moisture, steam pressure filtration can be performed on these filters, too. This innovative hybrid process produces dry solids which open up new possibilities for product marketing through the re-usage of residues or significant improvements in product handling and transport.

BoHiBar Disc filters are available in various sizes with filter areas up to 168 m2 per filter unit.

Applications of the BoHiBar Disc filter:

Features and benefits:

  • filtration of fine-grained products
  • filtration of large quantities of suspension
  • minimal footprint
  • less need for filter cloths as filter area is much smaller compared to discontinuous filter equipment
  • fully automatic and continuous operation
  • lowest residual moisture, especially with steam pressure filtration
    • saving of costs for thermal drying up to the avoidance of thermal drying
    • possibility for re-usage of residues
    • significant improvements in product handling and transport

BoHiBar Disc filters from BOKELA represent the most advanced technology for continuous pressure filtration.

The basic principle is also known as hyperbaric filtration and very simple: a continuous rotary filter is installed completely in a pressure vessel filled with compressed air of up to 7 bar (a). A pump feeds the slurry into the filter trough in the pressure vessel. The filtrate flows through the filtrate pipes to the control head of the filter and from there to the filtrate separator. The filter cake is removed from the filter cloth by a reverse blast of compressed air and discharged through a solids sluice from the pressure vessel.

  • filtration with high differential pressures Δp up to 6 bar (g)
  • most modern disc filters with innovations known and proven by BoVac Disc filter technology
  • option of installing steam hoods for steam pressure filtration
  • closed process area (hermetic) inside the pressure vessel
  • manholes allow quick and easy access to the pressure vessel from both sides and allow easy replacement of spare parts via a drawbridge
  • reliable double gate valve for solids discharge
  • low maintenance requirement due to innovative wear protection components

By using high pressures of up to 7 bar (a), BoHiBar Disc filters offer considerably higher pressure differences for filtration and demoisturing of the filter cake than vacuum filters.


  • high solids throughputs even with fine particulate suspensions
  • low residual moisture due to intensive demoisturing
  • smaller filter area

BoHiBar steam pressure filtration is an innovative hybrid process which releases synergies through the combination of mechanical and thermal principles of action. In order to accelerate and intensify the demoisturing process, the filter cake is treated with steam. Each filter disc is equipped with a specially developed steam cabin, which covers only a limited part of the filter surface up to the steam break-through point. The cake is then dried by a compressed air stream to its final moisture content. Due to the accelerated dewatering, the residual moisture of the filter cake can be halved compared to a pressure filtration.


  • extremely low residual cake moistures
  • highly effective cake washing by condensing steam
  • saving of drying air

BoHiBar Disc filters stand out with their most modern filter and plant design, characterized by reliable operation and ease of maintenance:

  • high availability (> 92 %) thanks to innovative design and preventive maintenance concept
  • fully automated operation with automated startup, shutdown and cleaning procedures (cleaning in place)
  • high flexibility in operation in case of product fluctuations
  • low maintenance requirement due to innovative wear protection components
  • fast and effective maintenance of the entire system due to good accessibility and sophisticated maintenance aids
  • reliable sluice technology with easy maintenance from the outside
Filter Type [–]
S42 S84 S168
Disc Diameter [m] 3.2 3.2 3.2
No. of Discs [–] 3 6 12
Filter Area [m²] 42 84 168
No. of Segments per Disc [–] 20 20 20
No. of control heads [–] 1 1 2

Pressure Vessel Design [–]

Pressure Vessel Diameter [m]







*) for steam pressure filtration

Reliable Vacuum Filtration with Pan or Disc Filters.

For the aluminum industry, BOKELA provides several filter technologies. For seed and product filtration, BoVAC Disc and BoVac Pan are internationally renowned. BoHiBar Disc filter are a groundbreaking technology for dry bauxite residues.

Iron Processing

BOKELA Solutions for High Throughputs with low Residual Moisture and Minimum Maintenance.

The wet processing of iron ores asks for different filter technologies, depending on particle size and desired filter result. Innovative wear protection components ensure a reliable filter operation in the long-term.

Ore Processing

Strong filters for Modern, Improved Treatment Processes.

Getting the most put of everything you do – that’s the credo for ore processing. In order to achieve a high gain, filtration technologies have to meet certain demands. BOKELA provides solutions to filter very fine concentrates.

Coal Production

For More Economy and Environmental Safety in Coal Production.

Economy and environmental protection are essentials for modern and efficient coal preparation. BOKELA provides the right filter technologies for this endeavor. As an established expert of the industry, BOKELA sets its own standards.

Storing Tailings Eco-Friendly

Filter Technologies and Systems for Sustainable Processing.

The processing and storing of tailings from ore and mineral production often is quite the challenge. For a water-saving treatment and eco-friendly storing, one needs cost-efficient filter technologies.

Continuous Pressure Filtration

For particularly fine particles, high throughputs and very low residual moisture.

Continuous pressure filtration with a BoHiBar Disc filter is the right solution for products difficult to filter and high suspension amounts, as for example in ore, coal or mineral processing. The BoHiBar Drum filter provides excellent results with regard to filtering and washing fine-grained products and demanding process conditions.


Low residual moisture is important for the further processing of the filter cake. With mechanical drying, an intelligent filter design and the right operation mode, production costs can be considerably reduced.

Filter Cake Washing

Filter cake is the name for the solids filtered from a suspension and collected at the surface of the filter medium. The washing of the filter cake is essential to the purity of the filtered solids and thus, for the reusability.

Solid Separation

Solid separation is the first process step with regard to separating solids from fluids. The driving force behind the process is the pressure difference with which the suspension flows through the filter medium.

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