Bokela Industry Chemical and Pharma
Bokela Industry Chemical and Pharma

Chemistry and Pharma

Highest standards for filter solutions from plastics to pharmaceutical production.

High-quality filter solutions are of crucial importance in numerous production processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. It is about economy, precision and the highest standards in terms of safety, emission-free and hygiene.


BoCross MicroScreen – a solution with many advantages.

In almost 90 % of the production processes of the chemical industry, catalysis plays a key role as a process step. The separation and recycling of solid catalysts from the liquid phases is a real challenge – to the separation apparatus and to the filter medium. BoCross MicroScreen meets these high requirements.


Tailored solutions for gentle solids separation, washing and demoisturing.

In precipitation or crystallization processes, solids are formed which must be separated from suspensions. The BOKELA filters of the BoHiBar Drum and BoVac Drum series enable product-friendly, fully automatic solutions for these in many cases sensitive suspensions, which can reduce drying costs.


Filtration technologies for high product quality and constantly low costs.

Filtration is an important process step in numerous processes for the production of plastic intermediates. BOKELA products such as BoHiBar Drum, BoVac Drum or BoCross MicroScreen offer high reliability, long life and excellent process results. Their minimal energy consumption and significantly reduced drying costs in subsequent processes lead to considerable cost savings.


BOKELA filter for sensitive solids and smallest particle sizes.

Pigments, dyes and fillers are used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Common to all is the very small particle size of the substances, often less than one micrometer. The filter technologies of the BoCross Dynamic, BoCross MicroScreen, BoVac Drum and BoHibar Drum series allow a reliable and at the same time gentle product separation.


For maximum hygienic and economical standards.

The manufacture of pharmaceutical products is subject to strict guidelines. This goes without saying. Equipment, processes and filtration technologies must meet these requirements in every respect. BoCross Dynamic and BoVac Drum are unique solutions for various applications.

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