Most processes for the production of chemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical products include precipitation or crystallization. These process steps serve either for product purification or for product recovery. The aim is to produce solids with specific properties in terms of particle size, particle size distribution or particle shape. Subsequently, the solids must be separated from the suspension. BOKELA offers reliable and powerful filtration technologies for this task.

The solids are often sensitive and typical requirements for appropriate filtration usually include:

  • gentle separation of the solids without destruction of the formed crystals or precipitates
  • washing out of residues or recovery of the liquid phase
  • compliance with given temperature and / or pressure conditions
  • prevention of product contamination by crystallizing of unwanted by-products
  • prevention of post-crystallization in the filter cloth and / or the filtrate pipes
  • continuous operation

Our BoHiBar Drum and BoVac Drum series offer tailor-made solutions for these processes.


  • amino acid
  • calcium salts
  • dewaxing
  • gypsum
  • naphthalene-sulphonic acids

Main benefits:

  • gentle solids separation without particle damage
  • highly efficient filter cake washing with low need for washing liquid
  • lowest residual moisture
  • saving on drying costs or even making thermal drying redundant
  • process pressures up to 7 bar (a) and temperatures up to 200 °C
  • continuous, fully automatic operation

BoVac Drum filter

Excellent With Regard to Filtration, Washing and Dehumification.

Thanks to their innovative, distinctive profile, BoVac Drum filter are among the most modern and most efficient vacuum drum filters. They are used in various industries. The exchangeable filter cells allow changing the filter cloth during on-going operation.

BoHiBar Drum filter

For Filtration, Washing and Dehumidification of Fine-Grained Products.

If products or processes are challenging, the BoHiBar Drum filter can prove their strength: high specific throughputs, low residual moisture, clean filter cakes. High process pressure and high temperatures are not an obstacle. Contaminations can be easily omitted with the BoHiBar Drum filter.

BoCross Dynamic filter

High Final Concentration and Clear Filtrate.

The range of services of the BoCross Dynamic filter allows micro filtration and ultra filtration of even nanoscale suspensions. The shear gap principle ensures almost ideal physical conditions for the separation process and thus, for the high concentration of suspensions.

Continuous Pressure Filtration

For particularly fine particles, high throughputs and very low residual moisture.

Continuous pressure filtration with a BoHiBar Disc filter is the right solution for products difficult to filter and high suspension amounts, as for example in ore, coal or mineral processing. The BoHiBar Drum filter provides excellent results with regard to filtering and washing fine-grained products and demanding process conditions.

Crossflow Filtration. For Difficult Suspensions

Macro, micro, or nano.

BoCross Dynamic and BoCross MicroScreen are dynamic crossflow filters for micro, ultra, dia or sieve filtration. With the BoCross filter series, suspensions with high concentrations or viscosities can be thickened, washed, cleared or classified.

Filtration, Washing and Dewatering of Gypsum

The BoVac Drum filter with 1 m² filter area is operated in parallel to a 12 m² belt filter for filtration and washing of gypsum.

Vacuum Filtration. State-of-the-Art Design for High Performance.

BoVac Disc, BoVac Drum and BoVac Pan – those are continuously working disc, drum and pan filters for vacuum filtration. They are used especially with regard to continuous production processes with high throughputs.

Steam Pressure Filtration of a Crystallization Product

This BoHiBar drum filter is operated for an intensive wash and drying of an organic crystallization product by steam pressure filtration to obtain a high purity product.

Concentrating and Washing of Calcium Carbonate

Special PCC Product

For concentrating a fine-particulate special PCC product a BoCross Dynamic filter with 6 m² filtration area is operated.

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