Simple Membrane Replacement

Or do you face more than 3 hours of downtime?

Membrane filter technology has many advantages. However, it also encompasses that membranes might clog or foul, requiring them to be cleaned or exchanged. Loss of production, long downtimes, and – as a consequence thereof – high costs for membranes are issues BOKELA customers can happily dismiss. Why? Because with a BoCross filter, you are able to replace membranes yourself in a few simple steps.

Long, costly waiting times and production stoppages are consequently a thing of the past. Besides, the BoCross filter allows a uniquely efficient filter operation without membrane scaling. The tangential overflow of the filter surface is initiated by rotors in the suspension chamber and the fluid follows the shear gap when flowing with a high velocity gradient over the filter medium.

The shear forces at work allow only a very thin, static boundary layer of solid particles. This boundary layer constitutes a negligible filtration resistance, and yet it protects the membrane from mechanical abrasion. This protects the membranes and at the same time, a blockage, clogging, or fouling is omitted.

If a membrane replacement is unavoidable, you are able to do it yourself in a few easy steps. No need to wait for days on end for a technician.

BoCross MicroScreen filter

Classification Under Difficult Process Conditions.

Dynamic sieve filtration allows the separation of coarse or fine grain fractions. Highly viscous and concentrated suspensions can be filtered in a closed apparatus with high throughput and sharp separation cut.

BoCross Dynamic filter

High Final Concentration and Clear Filtrate.

The range of services of the BoCross Dynamic filter allows micro filtration and ultra filtration of even nanoscale suspensions. The shear gap principle ensures almost ideal physical conditions for the separation process and thus, for the high concentration of suspensions.

Crossflow Filtration. For Difficult Suspensions

Macro, micro, or nano.

BoCross Dynamic and BoCross MicroScreen are dynamic crossflow filters for micro, ultra, dia or sieve filtration. With the BoCross filter series, suspensions with high concentrations or viscosities can be thickened, washed, cleared or classified.

Concentrating and Washing of Calcium Carbonate

Special PCC Product

For concentrating a fine-particulate special PCC product a BoCross Dynamic filter with 6 m² filtration area is operated.

Concentrating and Washing of a Pharmaceutical Iron Hydroxide

A pharmaceutical suspension is synthesized so that a considerable amount of salt is formed during neutralization. This microfine suspension must be cleansed (washed out) of salt and further concentrated.

Concentrating and Washing of Titanium

The BoCross Dynamic filter is used for concentrating and washing of a modified and very fine titanium dioxide which has to be further processed.

Dynamic Sieve Filtration of a High Viscous Polymeric Suspension

From a high valuable polymer dispersion coarse particles (x > 20 µm) have to be separated completely. The difference in density of the particles compared to the fluid is negligible.

Recovery of Catalysts by Dynamic Precoat Filtration

In a BDO production plant (butanediol process) 24 BoCross MicroScreen filter units of 10 m² each are applied for recovery of catalyst by dynamic precoat filtration.

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