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AT MINERAL PROCESSING reports on the experiences and adventures of our colleague Jürgen Priwitzer, who works for the commissioning of BOKELA filters and for filter revamping projects on production facilities around the world.

16. December 2021

nph is an international charity that cares for vulnerable children in Latin America. Nph's German office is, right next to BOKELA. Since 2009 we have been supporting projects of nph instead of sending Christmas presents to our customers and partners. This year we again support the expansion of the St. André School in Haiti.

13. December 2021

BoFilTest enables you to determine all relevant filtration & material parameters of a suspension. But how are these results used in practice? Which statements do they allow for the assessment of operational filters? We will give you tips and advice in an exclusive, individual web conference.

7. December 2021

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