For particularly fine solids, high throughputs and lowest residual moisture.

With the BoHiBar filter series BOKELA offers the most modern technology for continuous pressure filtration. The basic principle is also known as hyperbaric filtration and very simple: a continuous rotary filter (disc or drum filter) is completely installed in a pressure vessel filled with compressed air of up to 7 bar (a). Thus, for the filtration and demoisturing of the filter cake, the pressure differences are considerably higher than with vacuum filters.

BoHiBar Disc and BoHiBar Drum filters are thus the right choice if vacuum filtration is no longer sufficient to achieve the required process goals with regard to difficult to filter products and large suspension volumes. In case of fine particulate suspension filtering, as well as if very clean products or low residual moisture are required, these filters provide unique results.

Hot suspensions can be filtered and washed at high temperature and pressure.

For particularly low residual moistures, steam pressure filtration can be carried out on BoHiBar filters.

BoHiBar Disc filter

For Particularly Dry Solids.

Continuous pressure filtration for real challenges – such as the filtration of very fine-grained products, high suspension amounts or very low residual moisture. If faced with demanding and challenging filtration tasks and not a lot of space at hand, BoHiBar Disc filters are the right choice.

BoHiBar Drum filter

For Filtration, Washing and Dehumidification of Fine-Grained Products.

If products or processes are challenging, the BoHiBar Drum filter can prove their strength: high specific throughputs, low residual moisture, clean filter cakes. High process pressure and high temperatures are not an obstacle. Contaminations can be easily omitted with the BoHiBar Drum filter.

Steam Pressure Filtration of an Organic Acid (Naphthalene-Sulphonic Acid)

This BoHiBar drum filter is operated for steam pressure filtration of an organic acid. The suspension coming from the reactor consists of organic crystals suspended in water and is enriched with salts that are completely dissolved in the filtrate.

Steam Pressure Filtration of High-Quality Pearlescent Pigments

The BoHiBar drum filter is equipped with exchangeable filter cells and is designed for steam pressure filtration It is operated to filter, wash and dewater fine-grained (x50 < 5 µm) high quality inorganic pigments.

Steam Pressure Filtration of a Crystallization Product

This BoHiBar drum filter is operated for an intensive wash and drying of an organic crystallization product by steam pressure filtration to obtain a high purity product.

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