High-purity quartz sand with a silicon dioxide content of > 99.5 % is mined worldwide in various deposits. The purified product is divided into various fractions and is used in numerous industries such as in the glass and ceramic industry, as aggregate for building materials, in the foundry as molding sands but also in the chemical and electronics industry.

Glass Sands
Wet sand with a residual moisture content of < 5% by weight is needed especially for glass production. Traditionally, this sand is being prepared for sale in drainage silos. This batch process requires a lot of space, a lot of know-how and a lot of work. The required quality of the sales product with regard to the precisely specified moisture content cannot be reliably guaranteed with this method.

Our modern pan filters of the BoVac Pan series offer new solutions for this field of application. BoVac Pan filters are successfully used to dewater quartz sands reliably and in accordance with the required specification in a continuous process. For glass sands with a finer grain distribution, the residual moisture can be effectively reduced by using steam.

Main benefits:

  • constant product quality with regard to the required residual moisture
  • reliable, safe operation
  • no manual intervention by operating personnel necessary
  • small footprint

BoVac Pan filter

With Horizontal Filter Surface For Ideal Filter Cake Washing.

Filters for coarse-grained and quickly sedimenting suspensions with excellent hydraulics. High solids throughputs, intensive cake washing, low residual moisture – the BoVac Pan filter guarantee high performance and reliable operation.

Dewatering of Quartz Sand

The BoVac Pan filter is used in a quartz sand mine in Russia for filtration and dewatering of hydro-cycloned quartz sand which is used for glass production.

Vacuum Filtration. State-of-the-Art Design for High Performance.

BoVac Disc, BoVac Drum and BoVac Pan – those are continuously working disc, drum and pan filters for vacuum filtration. They are used especially with regard to continuous production processes with high throughputs.

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