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The principle behind the technical design of BOKELA filter technologies also applies to our service: geared towards long-term, trouble-free operation and equipped with the know-how of the latest research results and practical solutions. The BOKELA service is on-site worldwide when you need it: in the form of our own BOKELA service or licensed service partner at the respective plant locations. We look forward to your call.

Consulting and Support


Auditing your equipment by BOKELA specialists will provide you with deep insight into the technical and/or process conditions of your equipment. We will be able to show you technical or process solutions to enhance your process. As a result you will have a better understanding of possible bottlenecks as well as for improvement potential.

We offer these professional services not only for BOKELA equipment but also for equipment by other manufactures.


To ensure a smooth project transition from BOKELA delivery into your operations, the project commissioning and setting up is an integral part of the lifecycle management of BOKELA equipment. Thus, BOKELA remains a partner at your side even after the delivery.

With our own, highly educated and constantly trained Customer Support Engineers we are able to support, accompany or completely manage the commissioning and successful implementation of your equipment.


Service agreements assure optimal operations and allow you to sleep soundly. If BOKELA is taking care of your filter installations, you can expect

  • optimal operations with enhanced availability
  • cost efficient spare and wear part management
  • regular on-site visits by BOKELA service with direct feedback

If requested, BOKELA can take care of the complete maintenance or even operation of the installed equipment.

Spare Parts


OEM Spare Parts are an essential factor with regard to smooth and reliable operating of your BOKELA equipment. Proven world class quality, fast and reliable delivery and access to our technical specialists are reasons for our customers worldwide selecting BOKELA as their spare parts supplier of choice.

We at BOKELA support you in spare and wear parts management, from easy ordering concept up to full spare part logistics services including on-site installation services.



In emergency cases and/or any need for fast and reliable support, BOKELA is at your side. Our Customer Support Engineers are available to take care of your problem and ensure fast, reliable and efficient support and/or execution of any BOKELA equipment related maintenance work according to our own OEM manufacturers standards.




To ensure highest availability of your BOKELA equipment, we recommend our preventive maintenance services which combines

  • our world class spare parts
  • with highly sophisticated BOKELA Customer Support Engineers
  • and regular technical audits to check the condition of your equipment.

This attractive package ensures most efficient and safe, trouble free operation of your equipment. Our cooperation in preventive maintenance starts with an intensive technical check on-site, followed by our recommendations referring to process and spare parts management.



Since we at BOKELA constantly develop our technologies and products further, we are happy to share our knowledge with our customers to enable them to always stay up to date with their installations. Modernizations are available already today for a number of installations and they will help you to gain efficiency, save costs and/or increase quality of your products.

Our modernizations are often the logical consequence of an on-site audit by our specialists. Modernizations can be just the delivery of the respective new hardware. Or it can be a project with guaranteed time and quality fully managed by BOKELA.

For foreign equipment we can offer revamp packages.


Revamps are similar to BOKELA Modernizations but they focus on other manufacturers installations. BOKELA is able to offer existing Revamp Packages to improve process and operations of foreign manufacturer's equipment.

Revamps are the best way to benefit from BOKELA knowledge when using equipment from other manufacturers.

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