BoFilTest and BoCrossTest

Test apparatuses for vacuum, pressure and crossflow filtration.

Although the separation characteristics of solid / liquid mixtures can be described with theoretical approaches, the most important parameters in solid-liquid separation technology must still be determined experimentally. With BoFilTest and BoCrossTest, BOKELA offers compact filtration equipment for this purpose. They are used and valued by numerous manufacturing companies, laboratories, control institutions and research institutions worldwide.

BoFilTest is a compact, portable filtration device which can quickly, easily and reproducibly determine the filtration properties of suspensions for vacuum or pressure filtration. But BoFilTest is also ideally suited for extracting small quantities of pure solid or liquid from suspensions.

BoCrossTest is a laboratory test device for investigating crossflow filtration. With small sample volumes, the possibilities of crossflow filtration with regard to thickening, washing or even classification can be determined and a wide variety of filter media can be investigated. BoCrossTest provides all the filtration parameters which are important for a filter design.


Determining Filtration Properties swiftly and easily.

In the lab or in the field – BoFilTest is a very versatile apparatus used worldwide. Already small amounts of suspensions ensure a reliable analysis of filter data in vacuum and pressure filtration. The user quickly gets an idea of the relevant processes, the apparatus design and the relevant data for compliance with provisions and requirements.


Evaluating Filtration Properties in Crossflow Filtration.

The BoCrossTest device is easy to transport. Small test amounts already provide insight into filtration characteristics in crossflow filtration. Various filter media can be tested. The BoCrossTest apparatus is particularly easy to handle.

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