The two BoVac Disc Filters L176 with a filtration area of each 176 m² are used in a coal preparation plant in Australia for the filtration of flotation coal concentrate. One disc filter has a foot print of approx. 60 m² and replaces one belt filter with a foot print of 200 m² (50 m x 4 m). 

The slurry to be filtered is an ultrafine clean coal slurry (flotation concentrate) with particles of a nominal top size of 300 µm and a nominal feed solids concentration of 38 wt.-%. Each filter has to match varying feed conditions requiring a specific solids throughput of 517 kg/m2/h (nominal) up to 812 kg/m2/h (maximum) with varying feed concentrations ranging from 35 wt.-% to 56 wt.-%

For this performance the filters run with a filter speed of 0.5 rev/min up to 1.7 rev/min. The filters are also capable to match worst case feed conditions with peak feed flow, minimum feed solids concentration and particle sizes of 80% smaller than 130 µm however on the cost of an increased moisture which then ranges to some 30 wt.-%.

In terms of maintenance the filter requires very little input. The majority of the work is changing the polymer filter cloth. With a typical cloth life time of 6 months, every 1.5 months the cloths on one disc are changed. Apart from re-clothing no further extensive work is required. That's why the BoVac Disc filter has a very high availability of > 97%.

BoVac Disc Filter L176

Units installed



Filter area per unit

[ m² ]


Filter speed

[ 1/min ]

0.7 – 4

Material of construction


S 235 JR

Stainless Steel for filtrate pipes and segments

Power of filter drive

[ kW ]


Foot print incl. receiver & tank

[ m ]

9 x 7

Year of commissioning




Process and Operation Data

Solids throughput

[ t DS/h ]

90 - 145

Solids content in feed

[ wt.-% ]

35 – 56

Cake moisture content

[ wt.-% ]

23 – 28

Time of operation



Cloth lifetime


3 - 4

Maintenance demand
incl. cleaning and filter cloth change





> 97


Product Data



Flotation coal concentrate

Medium particle size

[ µm ]


Flocculant dosage

[ g /t DS ]



[ °C ]



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