The two BoVac Disc Filters L176 are operated in an Australian Alumina refinery for filtration of Al-hydrate fine seed before being recycled to the precipitation tanks. Start of operation was in 2007 and the two filters complemented 5 BoVac Disc disc filters L132, which already were commissioned in 1998 on this Alumina refinery.

The two BoVac Disc Filters L176 are high performance filters thanks to their innovative design as for example: pre-separation control head (low resistance technology), disc guides for straight run of discs, joint single trough’ design (i.e. no trough agitator required), full automatic filter control and operation (for various feed conditions), vacuum control in the cake formation zone etc.

Maintenance work is simplified, manpower and costs for maintenance are widely reduced compared to disc filters of standard design due to a lot of special design features and improved details such as:

  • walkways between the filter discs make maintenance work more comfortable
  • segments with low weight that are easy to exchange thanks to bayonet fixing
  • re-clothing – a main part of maintenance work – is simplified while the cloth lifetime is prolonged
  • cloth wash system with removable wash bars
  • no agitator thanks to joint single trough design i. e. no exchange of agitator sealings.
  • maintenance free barrel sealing needs no exchange but only flushing during filter cleaning
  • long lifetime of wear plate of 4–5 years

BoVac Disc Filter L176

Units installed



Filter area per unit

[ m² ]


Filter speed

[ 1/min ]

1.2 - 5.5

Material of construction


S 235 JR

Power of filter drive

[ kW ]


Foot print incl. receiver & tank

[ m ]

9 x 7

Year of commissioning




Process and Operation Data

Solids throughput

[t DS/h]


Solids content in feed


37 - 41

Cake moisture content


13 - 15

Time of operation



Cloth lifetime




Product Data



Aluminium hydrate – fine seed

Medium particle size

[ µm ]



[ °C ]



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