BOKELA‘s corporate concept is based on three pillars: the comprehensive process and industry-specific know-how, the practical experience that BOKELA gathers around the world and the passion of the BOKELA team when it comes to master new challenges. Every project, every solution developed by BOKELA engineers, focuses on the entrepreneurial added value as well as on increasing the competitiveness of the respective customer.

We question the requirements and wishes of our customers until we understand them. This way, can we develop solutions with the desired result and build filter systems which succeed in every aspect. The cost-effectiveness of BOKELA solutions becomes particularly clear if the entire life-cycle costs of a filter system are taken into account.



The BOKELA engineers understand the physics of flow processes and suspensions down to the last detail. They are ambitious, creative and are never satisfied with the first idea that comes to mind. Developing systems for innovative process filtration means looking closely, analyzing exactly, finding creative solutions and adapting them to new situations. This creates depth of knowledge and flexibility in order to continuously set new impulses - in the process engineering conception and in the construction of efficient filter systems.

Our customers benefit from our ingenuity and long-term economic and ecological benefits of BOKELA filter technologies.

Our Innovation Award Baden-Württemberg 2010 >

What I love about BOKELA

„What really makes a difference for me, personally, is our teamwork. Our cohesion and team spirit not only helps each individual, but also constantly advances our technologies.“


Andreas Hoferer, Head of Technology Design, Hardware
joined BOKELA 21 years ago



Whether in miniature size or as house-sized constructions - BOKELA filter systems are individually designed and constructed according to the respective customer requirements. The ideal manufacturing location for the filter systems depends on their size, complexity and logistical challenges. From Australia through Russia to North or South America, the technical, logistical and cultural challenges involved in the construction of the filter systems are conceivably different.

That is why we have built up an international network of selected manufacturing partners, with whom we maintain a trusting and proven cooperation for many years.

They are certified by BOKELA and able to manufacture our filtration equipment to our high quality standards. This allows us to manufacture as many components as possible near the site, often reducing transport costs and adhering to specific national manufacturing regulations. Core components are manufactured in Central Europe, especially in Germany. The experience and know-how of our engineers ensures the high quality in all stages of the planning and production process.



DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015 is the certification with which BOKELA has had the quality of its processes and processes checked since 1996. The certification is carried out annually by an independent auditor and gives our customers the certainty of permanently benefiting from BOKELA's high quality awareness and comprehensive quality management.



Start-up! On December 15, 1986 the time was ripe and an idea became reality. Dr. Reinhard Bott, Dr. Robert Kern and Dr. Thomas Langeloh founded BOKELA as a start-up company directly from the University of Karlsruhe - today's KIT. BOKELA already took on a pioneering role in the start-up phase, as company foundations deriving directly from universities were a real rarity at the time in Germany.

In the early years, the company's activities focused on services such as technology transfer for large companies, contract development, consulting and optimization of separation equipment. Even back then, BOKELA was already internationally oriented. In particular, projects for the optimization of filter systems led the BOKELA engineers around the world.

 As part of such projects, BOKELA has optimized filter systems from other manufacturers on behalf of customers. This engineering performance allows a deep insight into operating problems and bottlenecks of conventional technologies, constantly calls for innovation and makes it possible to realize new ideas in the short term. The solutions developed are always crystallization points for new ideas and innovations. These innovations are reflected in our own BoVac, BoHiBar and BoCross filtration technologies, which were launched beginning in the mid-1990s.

Today, BOKELA is one of the top addresses when extraordinary tasks for solid / liquid separation have to be mastered in a production process or particularly high-performance filtration technologies are required.

  1. Foundation of BOKELA on December 15, 1986 as a spin-off directly from the University of Karlsruhe.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History Founding 1986
  2. First big filter revamp project:

    Location: Karlsruhe

    Modification and optimization of 14 vacuum disc filters for the filtration of aluminum hydrate at Nabalco (now Alcan Gove Pty Ltd) in Australia.

    Bokela History BoHiBarDrum Filter 1991
  3. First delivery of a BoVac disc filter to an alumina refinery.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoVacDisc Filter Aluminum 1996
  4. Introduction of a QM system according to ISO 9001.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History ISO9001 1997
  5. Delivery of the first BoCross MicroScreen filter.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoCross Filter 2000
  6. Delivery of our first vacuum drum filter.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History First Drum Filter 2001
  7. Delivery of the first BoHiBar drum filter.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoHiBarDrum Filter 2002
  8. Foundation of BOKELA Australia Pty Ltd.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History Australia 2003
  9. Delivery of the first four BoVac Pan filters to an alumina refinery.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoVacPan Filter 2004
  10. Delivery of the first two BoVac Disc filters for the coal industry.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoVacDisc Filter 2004
  11. Delivery of the first two BoHiBar Drum filters for the filtration of PTA.

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoHiBarDrum Filter 2008
  12. Move into new headquarter in the Ragolds Park – Karlsruhe

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History Building 2009
  13. Delivery of the entire filtration technology for an alumina refinery ...

    Location: Karlsruhe

    ... including the first BoHiBar disc filter for the filtration of red mud.

    Bokela History BoHiBarDisc Filter 2011
  14. BOKELA signs the largest ever order in the company's history ...

    Location: Karlsruhe

    ... with Xinjiang Guotai Xinhua Mining Industry Co., Ltd., China, for the delivery of 24 BoCross MicroScreen filters for catalyst recovery.

    Bokela History BoCross Filter 2013
  15. BOKELA becomes a member of the TSK company group:

    Location: Karlsruhe

    The Japanese technology company Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd., Tokyo over the majority stake of BOKELA on 31.12.2014.

    Bokela History TSK 2014
  16. Order for the first BoHiBar Disc filter for dewatering of fine coal

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History BoHiBarDisc Filter 2017
  17. Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd acquires all of BOKELA's shares and becomes the sole owner from 1 January 2018

    Location: Karlsruhe
    Bokela History TSK 2014
  18. Relaunch

    Location: Karlsruhe

    With a new look and feel, a new logo, new product names, a new, simpler business name and a design which transfers BOKELA's process world, caution, precision and experience into a new, distinct design language. This website is a good example for that. We are very happy if you like the new corporate identity. Write us or tell us personally what you think about it. We are curious to hear your opinion.

  19. Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.

    Location: Karlsruhe

    In April 2023, Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd, transitioned to a holding company structure and assumed a new name Tsukishima Holdings Co., Ltd.


Global 2015 – Award for intercultural competence

Award by the TechnologieRegion Karlsruhe for outstanding achievements in foreign trade. The criterion for the 2015 award was "Intercultural Competence as a Success Factor in International Business".

2011 – Seed & Grow Award

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce-backed Technologiefabrik Karlsruhe honored BOKELA, a start-up company launched under the aegis of the Technologiefabrik, with the Seed & Grow Award for its highly successful company development and resultant positioning as a worldwide leading supplier and developer of pioneering filtration processes.

2011 – Honored as one of Germany’s 100 most innovative companies (toP 100)

At the Top 100 competition 2011 organized by Compamedia, BOKELA received the award from former Minister President Lothar Späth for being one of Germany’s 100 most innovative medium-sized companies.

2010 – Innovation Prize awarded by the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg

Awarded the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize 2010 for the development and market launch of the Hi-Bar Oyster filter for the filtration of ultrafine particulate systems or very hot, pressurized suspensions. This is the second time BOKELA has received this award, having received the award once before in 1998.

2005 – Honored by Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA)

In September 2005, BOKELA received an award from BMA for exemplary cooperation, enabling BMA to transfer technology successfully between two different locations and branches of the industry.

1999 – “The country needs courageous entrepreneurs“

In March 1999, BOKELA received an award from German Federal President Roman Herzog for being one of Germany’s 30 most successful “Science Spin-off” companies.

1998 – Innovation Prize awarded by the German Federal State of Baden-Württemberg

Awarded the Dr. Rudolf Eberle Prize 1998 for the development and successful market launch of the Boozer high performance disc filter for the filtration of mass products such as alumina.

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