Continuous washing & thickening of a color pigment

Batch2Conti – Continuous washing & thickening of a color pigment

With the BoCross Dynamic filter, microfine to nanoscale suspensions can be intensively washed and thickened to unrivaled high concentrations in a quick and gentle way. Piloting tests with the BoCross pilot filter for washing and thickening a color pigment have proven this again impressively.

A color pigment is currently being washed discontinuously in order to reduce the salt content and to ensure the required product purity. For this purpose, the pigment is mixed several times with the washing liquid, sedimented and decanted.

With the BoCross Dynamic Filter, this complex process can be replaced by continuous washing and thickening. The salt content is reduced by a factor of 250 by washing with the BoCross Dynamic Filter. In this way, the result achieved so far with the old process is significantly exceeded and the product purity and product quality improve. The BoCross Dynamic Filter requires a smaller amount of washing liquid than the old process. At the same time, the clean pigment is discharged in a highly thickened concentrate. This gives the customer the opportunity to increase the production rate of his plant without having to invest in new peripherals.

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Discharge from BoCross pilot filter
Highly thickened concentrate
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