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BOKELA helps recycling wastewater in Dominican Republic

nph is an international children's charity which provides homes and support for vulnerable children in Latin America. nph's German office is based in Karlsruhe, right next door to us. We have been so impressed by nph's project work that we decided to start donating to nph instead of sending Christmas presents to our customers and partners. Since 2009, BOKELA has supported nph projects which involve water.

In the Dominican Republic, nph maintains the children's village Casa Santa Ana near San Pedro de Macorís. The children's village urgently needs a wastewater treatment plant. In the Dominican Republic, untreated water from houses, kitchens and bathrooms is usually discharged untreated into rivers and lakes, or it seeps into the ground. A more environmentally friendly and sustainable wastewater system is now to be created for the children's village, even if this is not currently required by the local government. Water is one of the most important goods and water pollution is a topic dealt with om a daily basis.

The Dominican Republic suffers from a high social inequality and extreme vulnerability regarding the implications of climate change. There is no wastewater system in the province of San Pedro de Macorís. Thus, water cycles only exist incompletely and are inefficient. Lack of infrastructure, drought and pollution limit the access to water in the sugar cane plantations where the population is highly vulnerable, socially as well as healthwise. The children and families are poorly sensibilized for safe water use and the importance of hygiene measures.

In the children's village of Casa Santa Ana in San Pedro de Macorís, wastewater is to be cleaned responsibly in the future and used for irrigation in agriculture instead of drinking water. In addition, the purified drinking water which is produced in the village is to be shared with the neighboring communities. The project‘s objective is to strengthen the basic health of more than 400 children and 160 employees inside the home, create a safer environment through efficient water resources management, prevent the spreading of diseases, and provide training and access to affordable drinking water.

Our Christmas donation helps to solve this urgent problem. We are delighted to be able to play our part in ensuring that the children and and the environment are safe!

The nph Charity is committed to providing fresh water

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