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BOKELA supports the expansion of a school in Haiti

nph is an international charity that cares for and supports vulnerable children in Latin America. Nph's German office is in Karlsruhe, right next to BOKELA. We were so impressed by our neighbours' work that we decided to donate to nph instead of sending Christmas presents to our customers and partners. That is why BOKELA has been supporting nph projects since 2009.

Enable a school leaving certificate - away from the slums
The St. André comprehensive school is located in the southeast of Haiti - one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. It was built by “nph Children's Aid Latin America” and financed with donations. The state-approved school currently teaches 287 students in grades 1-9 as well as three pre-school classes and a special class for children who start school late.

The project "Expansion of the St. André School"
The rush to the St. André School School is enormous. Therefore, the building urgently needs an expansion to make room for many new students and new classes. The school building was planned to be expandable with foresight. It has a solid foundation that can support up to two additional floors. A second floor will now create capacity for 13 additional classrooms and 250 children.

The costs for this construction project are € 200,000 and must be raised through donations. By January 2022, nph would like to have achieved the project goal and inaugurate the expanded St. André School. With our this year's donation we would like to help nph achieve this project goal.

The project is also supported by the city of Karlsruhe, which helps nph to win over as many companies and citizens as possible for this project.

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