BoFilTest – basic version with auxiliaries
BoFilTest – basic version with auxiliaries

The New BoFiltest

For even better handling and more comfort in filtration tests

BoFilTest has captured a large fan base worldwide in the past 30 years. Wherever filtration tests have to be carried out or small amounts of substances or liquids have to be extracted from suspensions - the compact, portable filtration device BoFilTest is the non-plus ultra. Therefore, numerous production facilities, laboratories, control and research institutions worldwide use it for one of the many possible applications BoFilTest enables.

In order to meet the different demands of our customers even better, we have re-designed and improved the BoFilTest. The new BoFilTest surprises with numerous new features that make carrying out and evaluating of filtration tests even more convenient, quicker and safer.

Older versions of the portable filtration test equipment – formerly known as Filtratest - can be upgraded to the current BoFilTest design using an upgrade kit consisting of 4 components (see picture below):

  1. The base frame – consisiting of hollow profiles made of stainless steel - is equipped with a lap top support to keep the laptop clean during tests.
  2. New gas flow measurment device with a smaller and simpler test section, which eliminates the need to preestimate and preset gas consumption before starting the test. The new device does not have to be restarted if the measuring range is exceeded.
  3. The interface box that puts an end to the cable tangle. It is mounted on the base plate of the base frame, contains the data cables of all components and supplies all components with power.
  4. The new software for the BoFilTest program enables faster and more secure data evaluation according to VDI Guidline 2762.

It is compatible with current Microsoft Windows versions and older versions up to Windows XP.

Test data are directly transferred to an Excel evaluation mask at the end of a test.

The comprehensive data evaluation and visualization is performed via tables and diagrams with Excel for: filtrate throughput, flow resistance, gas throughput and pressure. If required, further evaluations can be carried out easily via Excel.

The new software also enables to record the pressure of the filter cell by using the pressure transmitter.

Following measuring devices can be connected to the new software: gas flow measuring device, balance, pressure transmitter, NumPad / keyboard.

Remark: the new software does not work with the previous gas flow measuring device. 

Image & Videos

Upgrade kit (Pos. 1 - 4): 1. base frame, 2. new electronic gas flow measurement device, 3. interface box 4. new software for BoFilTest program

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