Al-Hydrate Filtration

Next BoVac disc filter for a European Alumina refinery

A next BoVac Disc L132 (132 m²) replaces vacuum disc filters of old design in order to modernize the coarse seed filtration at the refinery.

Thanks to two successfully commissioned filters at Client´s site in the years 2012 (pan filter for Al-hydrate product quality) and 2020 (disc filter for Al-hydrate coarse seed quality) the client consequently ordered a next filter from BOKELA.

The specified flow rate of coarse seed slurry at defined particle size distribution is resulting in a BoVac Disc filter L132 with 132 m² filtration area which is exactly the same type and size of filter as already delivered and commissioned. The BoVac Disc filter is again the technology of choice because the client needs a filter  that is capable to securely manage various feeds from different sources.

BoVac Disc filters are the preferred technology for the filtration of aluminum hydrate fine seed and coarse seed on numerous alumina refineries worldwide. They are known for high specific throughput, low amount of solids in filtrate, overall improved performance and very low maintenance costs.

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