Remote supervision of BoCross filter start up by TSK

The first BoCross filter manufactured  by Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. (TSK)  in Japan started operation at DAIKEN CHEMICAL Sales & Mfg. CO., LTD. The dynamic crossflow filter is operated for washing and concentrating of a very fine particulated powder slurry which consists of fine particles below 1 micron. Due to Covid-19 the supervision of start-up  operation was performed by TSK remotely via online communication tool. Both the thickening and washing processes went smoothly and the ultimate goal of electrical conductivity was achieved. All operations were performed automatically.

With the BoCross Dynamic filter XS01 (0.13m²), DAIKEN CHEMICAL Sales & Mfg. CO., LTD. – Japanese producer of a multitude of metall powders, metall conductive pastes, toner powders and ceramics - is now able to perform this cleaning process in a continuous and fully automatic way without product loss. The clean solids are discharged in a highly thickened concentrate.

The former cleaning process was carried out manually. Due to the required high purity of the end product, this process took 2 days and caused large product losses. With the BoCross Dynamic filter, the time required is now reduced to less than 2 hours.

Tsukishima Kikai Co., Ltd. (TSK)  sells BoCross filter technology under license from BOKELA.

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