Historic industrial chimney

of BOKELA is being renovated

He has not smoked for many years, but it symbolizes a piece of Karlsruhe's industrial history. The historic chimney was part of the steam boiler house of the Adolf Speck sugar confectionery, which was founded in 1887 on Tullastrasse in Karlsruhe's eastern city. In 1957 Adolf Speck AG was renamed Rachengold and in 1981 RAGOLDS SÜSSWAREN GMBH + CO.

After the closure of RAGOLDS SÜSSWAREN GMBH + CO, the redesign of the company premises into Ragoldspark began in 2005. When BOKELA acquired the founding building of Adolf Speck AG in 2009 and converted it to its new headquarters, this also meant taking over and maintaining the old chimney. It protrudes from the sky in the eastern part of Karlsruhe and is reminiscent of well-known confectionery brands such as Rachengold, Atemgold, Gletschereis or Velemint, all of which were produced here.

Today, the latest filter systems for process filtration are created here in the Ragoldspark, which are used all over the world and bear witness to the future-oriented technologies from the Karlsruhe TechnologyRegion in many countries. However, the chimney is getting old, time and weather have left their mark. He is therefore repaired to eliminate the damages. The working platform moves up meter by meter and is already very close to the summit. Thus, our historic chimney will also be fit for the future.

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