BoCross filter for therapeutícs separation
BoCross filter for therapeutícs separation


New Separation Processes in Therapeutics Manufacturing with BoCross Filter

BOKELA is proud to announce the award of an order from a Swedish manufacturer of therapeutics for the supply of a BoCross filter. The BoCross XS01 has a filter area of 0,13 m² and will be used as a core component in the development of new separation processes in the manufacture of several therapeutic products.

BoCross technology can be used for membrane filtration (BoCross Dynamic) and sieve filtration (BoCross MicroScreen). In contrast to classic crossflow filtration, BoCross filters use the principle of dynamic crossflow filtration.  The typical tangential overflow of the filter surface is not generated by the geometric flow in the apparatus but by rotors. This principle offers significant process advantages. There are almost ideal physical conditions for the separation process.

The Swedish customer takes advantage of these strengths of the BoCross filter in the development of new separation processes. The BoCross filter will be used for both membrane filtratin and for sieve filtration.

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