Quantity Aspect

Term out of the particle measurement technology, describing a type of quantity of particle fractions on which a measuring procedure is based. In sieve analysis, for instance, the extracted particle fractions are weighed, thus the quantity type is the mass or the volume. When using the Coulter Counter principle, the particles of each fraction are counted, thus the quantity is the amount number.

Quick Drainage Cell

Special filter cell design developed by the BOKELA company for filter cells of the BoVac filter type. This high performance filter cell is designed with a special slope to ensure a faster flow of the filtrates out of the filter cells and thus a better separation of the mother liquor and the wash filtrates. With this design up to 35 % less wash liquor is required to achieve requested washing results.

Quick Filter

Deep bed filter with a filtration velocity of approx. 10 m/h. These filters operate under a hydrostatic head, form cake layers of approx. 0.5÷2.5 m thickness, and use filter aids with approx. 0.5÷4 mm grain size. Quick filtration is by far the most important among all filtration techniques for the processing of both potable and industrial water, as well as for the ensuing wastewater treatment.

Quick-Start Centrifuge

Discontinuously working laboratory centrifuge (Centritest) characterized by the short time required (i. e.1 ÷ 2 sec) to reach the set number of revolutions and the subsequent deceleration. The reason for this operational characteristic is to be able to perform realistic design experiments for continuous filter centrifuges that have a product residence time of only a few seconds (e. g. pusher centrifuge, vibratory centrifuge.

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