Vacuum Filtration with a Pan Filter

BoVac Pan filter – with a horizontal filter surface for ideal filter cake washing.

BoVac Pan filters offer economical solutions in the filtration and washing of coarse-grained and rapidly sedimenting suspensions. They feature innovative details and the excellent hydraulics characteristics of BOKELA filters. BoVac Pan filters define a new standard for this type of vacuum rotary filters.

Pan filters with their horizontally arranged filter surface are particularly suited for filter cake washing. Therefore, they are preferably used for the filtration and washing of coarse-grained and rapidly sedimenting suspensions.

The BoVac Pan filters define a new standard for this rotary filter type. Many special features and innovations make our filter series unique, such as the "Forced Feeding" system for even slurry distribution or the "Quick Drainage Cell" design for a particularly sharp separation of the filtrate streams. The innovative design is the reason for the high performance, the reliable operation and the easy maintenance.

BoVac Pan filters are available with different pan diameters and filter areas from 16 m² to 68 m².

Applications of the BoVac Pan filter:

BOKELA pan filters convince with outstanding results:

  • high throughput
  • clean solids through intensive cake washing in up to 3-stage countercurrent wash
  • minimal need for wash liquid
  • sharp separation of mother and wash filtrate
  • low residual moisture
  • complete cake removal even at higher speeds
  • high availability
  • BOKELA FrameTrak (optional) – the innovative method for quick and easy filter cloth fixation

BoVac Pan filters have a hydraulically optimized design with many special features and innovations:

  • even, homogeneous filter cake over the entire pan surface due to a special "forced feeding" system
  • cake washing system for up to 3-stage countercurrent washing
  • steaming zone with condensate wash
  • sophisticated steam hood for efficient dewatering
  • complete cake removal even at higher speeds due to well-dimensioned and height-adjustable discharge screw
  • effective heel removal by multi-stage slurrying
  • automatic operation through well-proven control philosophy
  • high availability of over 95 %
  • innovations like
    • filter cells with "Quick Drainage Cell" design for accelerated emptying of the cells and particularly sharp separation of the various filtrate streams
    • BOKELA FrameTrak – an innovative method of filter cloth fixation
      BOKELA FrameTrak makes it possible to quickly and easily fix and replace the filter cloth for each cell separately. BOKELA FrameTrak drastically reduces the risk of injury to operating personnel as well as the risk of cloth damage.

The hydraulically optimized BoVac Pan filter design ensures minimal pressure loss. Thus, a maximum pressure difference is available for filtration and cake dewatering. BoVac Pan filters are therefore characterized by high solids throughputs and low residual moisture in the filter cake.


  • low investment costs through the use of smaller or fewer filter units
  • better product quality due to good washing and low residual moisture
  • low energy consumption and low operating costs through efficient use of resources such as electricity, vacuum and wash liquid
  • lower energy requirement with regard to subsequent thermal treatment.

The homogeneous wash water distribution and the sharp separation of the filtrate streams allow intensive washing of the filter cake with minimal use of wash liquid.


  • clean filter cakes due to up to 3-stage countercurrent washing
  • 25% less washing fluid requirement
  • optional steaming zone with steam cabin allows further increase in washing efficiency and reduction of residual moisture

BoVac Pan filters work in automatic mode. Speed control via cake thickness measurement ensures safe operation and optimum operating results.

BoVac Pan filters are reliable in operation, are characterized by a high availability of over 95 % and are easy to maintain. Operating and maintenance costs are correspondingly low. The main reasons for this are:

  • long filter cloth lifetime and 2-3 times longer intervals between cleaning cycles due to online heel removal
  • maintenance-free cake washing system without nozzles
  • maintenance-friendly design e.g. by:
    • swivelling filtrate pipes that allow easy and quick access to the control head
    • easy removal of the discharge screw as a complete unit
    • BOKELA FrameTrak
Filter Type [–]
XXS16 XS25 S34 M43 L54 XL68
Pan Diameter [m] 4.8 5.8 6.7 7.7 8.6 9.6
Filter Area [m²] 16 25 34 43 54 68
No. of filter cells [–] 16 16 16 24 24 24


Reliable Vacuum Filtration with Pan or Disc Filters.

For the aluminum industry, BOKELA provides several filter technologies. For seed and product filtration, BoVAC Disc and BoVac Pan are internationally renowned. BoHiBar Disc filter are a groundbreaking technology for dry bauxite residues.

Fertilizers Based on Potash

Low Maintenance and Quiet Filtration Solutions for Wet Processing of Potash.

In the fertilizer production, potash is an important substance. Wet processing requires filtration. Thanks to slow turning filter technologies, BoVac Pan and BoVac Disc provide noise-reduced and low-maintenance solutions.

Iron Processing

BOKELA Solutions for High Throughputs with low Residual Moisture and Minimum Maintenance.

The wet processing of iron ores asks for different filter technologies, depending on particle size and desired filter result. Innovative wear protection components ensure a reliable filter operation in the long-term.

Dewatering Quartz Sands

The Moisture Content is Pivotal to Selling.

In the processing of quartz sands for glass production, the reliable keeping of a certain moisture is essential. BoVac Pan filters represent an entirely new path to reach the goal continuously.

Dewatering of Quartz Sand

The BoVac Pan filter is used in a quartz sand mine in Russia for filtration and dewatering of hydro-cycloned quartz sand which is used for glass production.

Dewatering and Washing of Al-Hydrate (Product)

The BoVac Pan filter is applied for filtering, washing and dewatering of Al-hydrate before the product is given to the calcination process.

Filtration of Potash (Muriate of Potash - MOP)

This BoVac Pan filter was chosen by the client to replace an old pan filter. The aim of the client was to increase the filter performances on the same footprint and to implement state-of-the-art equipment.

Vacuum Filtration. State-of-the-Art Design for High Performance.

BoVac Disc, BoVac Drum and BoVac Pan – those are continuously working disc, drum and pan filters for vacuum filtration. They are used especially with regard to continuous production processes with high throughputs.


Low residual moisture is important for the further processing of the filter cake. With mechanical drying, an intelligent filter design and the right operation mode, production costs can be considerably reduced.

Filter Cake Washing

Filter cake is the name for the solids filtered from a suspension and collected at the surface of the filter medium. The washing of the filter cake is essential to the purity of the filtered solids and thus, for the reusability.

Solid Separation

Solid separation is the first process step with regard to separating solids from fluids. The driving force behind the process is the pressure difference with which the suspension flows through the filter medium.

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