The Corona Virus puts the entire world in uncertainty and in a state of emergency. Many people are concerned, and reasonable behavior and solidarity is now more in demand than ever - both in the private sphere and in business life.

At BOKELA, we do everything we can to maintain our level of service and delivery reliability to support our customers in this challenging situation.


Read our Q&A to find out how BOKELA is responding to your needs.

How does the COVID-19 pandemic impact BOKELA’s ability to serve its customers?
  • First and foremost- the health of our employees and business partners is our top priority
  • We are closely monitoring and following the latest public health guidelines and have taken various measures to prevent the spread of the corona virus by avoiding social contacts.
  • Our focus is to help our customers continue their operations
  • We do our utmost to carry out business as usual in these special times. Circumstances that change every day may, however, lead to changes. For example, we have reduced face-to-face meetings to the bare minimum and rely on video conferences and online meetings
  • We intensively communicate with our partners and monitor our supply chain
How can you engage BOKELA?
  • Your usual and familiar contact person will remain your first contact point
  • We are prepared to communicate with you and support you via e-mail, phone or online via video calls and video conferences (Skype, Blizz, etc)
How does BOKELA handle quotations?
  • We take measures to prevent delivery delays as much as possible in this exceptional situation.
  • Should changes regarding deliveries be unavoidable due to the pandemic, we will discuss this with you immediately to find solutions to minimize the impact on your operations.
How is BOKELA‘s supply chain affected?
  • We are intensively communicating with our partners and monitor our supply chain.
  • We are closely monitoring guidelines and restrictions implemented by authorities with respect to their impact on domestic and international logistics.
  • If any serious impact on our supply chain should occur, we will be in touch with you personally
How does BOKELA maintain customer service?
  • As our customer, you have access to our BOKELA specialists with expert knowledge.
  • We are prepared to support you remotely with problem analysis, solution proposals and engineering services.

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