Bokela Industry Ore and Minerals
Bokela Industry Ore and Minerals

Ores and Minerals

Efficient filtration technologies from mining to glass production.

In the processing of ores and minerals, the challenges of process filtration are very different.

In order to improve the efficiency and economy of preparation processes, many ores are ground finer and thus, are more difficult to filter. Environmental regulations are becoming stricter and require more sustainable use of resources. Residues must be treated in an environmentally-friendly way and disposed of safely.

BOKELA filter technologies offer the right solutions for these challenges with decisive advantages: the economic optimization of the production process, an improvement in the environmental balance as well as an extraordinarily long service life and reliability of the respective filter solution.


Reliable Vacuum Filtration with Pan or Disc Filters.

For alumina refineries, BOKELA offers several filtration technologies. For seed and product filtration, BoVac Disc and BoVac Pan filters are considered the top solutions worldwide at numerous alumina refineries. BoHiBar Disc filters are a breakthrough technology for achieving dry bauxite residue.


Low-maintenance and low-noise filtration solution for wet processing of potash salt.

In the production of fertilizers, potash salts are often an important raw material. If wet processing is used, filtration is necessary. As low-speed filtration technology, the BoVac Pan and BoVac Disc filters provide a new low-maintenance solution with low-noise level.


BOKELA solutions for high throughput with low residual moisture and minimal maintenance.

In the wet processing of iron ores, different filter technologies are used, depending on particle sizes or the desired filter result. Innovative wear protection components ensure the long-term reliability of our filters.


For more efficiency and environmental protection in coal production.

Economy and environmental protection are of the highest relevance for modern, efficient processes in coal processing. BOKELA provides the right filter technologies for these requirements. They set their own standards and have established themselves in the industry for years.


Strong filters for modern, improved treatment processes.

Get the maximum out of everything you do. This maxime also applies to the preparation of ore concentrates. In order to achieve the highest possible yield of base metals, the demands on the filtration technologies are increasing. BOKELA offers solutions to filter even very fine concentrates.


Regarding quartz sand, the moisture content is a decisive product feature.

In the processing of quartz sand for glass production, it is essential that a specified moisture content is reliably maintained. BoVac Pan filters are a new way to achieve this target in a continuous process.


Filter Technologies and Systems for Sustainable Processing.

The processing and storage of tailings from the processing of ores and minerals are a great challenge for many plant operators. Cost-effective filtration technologies are required for a water-conserving treatment and an environmentally safe storage of these residues.

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