Regarding the treatment of tailings from ore and mineral processing, two aspects are of particular importance: a safe and environmentally friendly storage of residues and a sustainable use of water. The filtration of tailings therefore becomes more and more an indispensable part of the environmental management system of preparation plants. This requires reliable and cost-efficient filtration technologies.

BOKELA offers the right solutions for this task.

BOKELA offers the right solutions for this task. Our BoVac Disc filters have proven their performance in many applications with a variety of tailings. They are the preferred choice if the dewatered residues – after admixing with binders – are intended for mine backfill and have set standards with their reliability and cost-effectiveness. If a residual moisture content of > 18 wt.- % is sufficient, the BoVac Disc filters are unbeatable in both CAPEX and OPEX.

If high throughput is required or if a very low residual moisture < 18 wt.- % is required to allow for dry landfill, our BoHiBar Disc filters offer new solutions – especially if they are equipped for BoHiBar steam pressure filtration.


Tailings from the ore and mineral processing such as

  • gold/copper tailings
  • zinc tailings
  • gold/silver tailings
  • etc.

Main benefits:

  • sustainable use of water through recovery and recirculation
  • safe and environmentally friendly stacking of dewatered tailings
  • low energy consumption
  • reducing the amount of binder
  • low use of filter aids
  • low operating costs
  • small footprint

BoVac Disc filter

For the Filtration of High Suspension Amounts.

BoVac Disc filters are used for the filtration and dewatering of high amounts of suspensions. The enormous filter surface allows high specific throughputs. Due to the modular construction, the filters can be adjusted to various process conditions.

BoHiBar Disc filter

For Particularly Dry Solids.

Continuous pressure filtration for real challenges – such as the filtration of very fine-grained products, high suspension amounts or very low residual moisture. If faced with demanding and challenging filtration tasks and not a lot of space at hand, BoHiBar Disc filters are the right choice.

Continuous Pressure Filtration

For particularly fine particles, high throughputs and very low residual moisture.

Continuous pressure filtration with a BoHiBar Disc filter is the right solution for products difficult to filter and high suspension amounts, as for example in ore, coal or mineral processing. The BoHiBar Drum filter provides excellent results with regard to filtering and washing fine-grained products and demanding process conditions.

Filtration of Zinc Tailings

Two BoVac Disc filters M176 are operated for dewatering of zinc tailings from a copper and zinc mine in Australia, Qld. Start of operation was in 2014.

Filtration of Copper/Gold Tailings for Mine Backfill

Two BoVac Disc filters L176 are operated in a Gold/Copper Mine in Bulgaria for the filtration of flotation tailings which are used for mine backfill. The dewatered and discharged filter cake is mixed with cement and pumped back to the underground to fill the galleries.

Vacuum Filtration. State-of-the-Art Design for High Performance.

BoVac Disc, BoVac Drum and BoVac Pan – those are continuously working disc, drum and pan filters for vacuum filtration. They are used especially with regard to continuous production processes with high throughputs.

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