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BoVac Disc filter

For the Filtration of High Suspension Amounts.

BoVac Disc filters are used for the filtration and dewatering of high amounts of suspensions. The enormous filter surface allows high specific throughputs. Due to the modular construction, the filters can be adjusted to various process conditions.

BoVac Drum filter

Excellent With Regard to Filtration, Washing and Dehumification.

Thanks to their innovative, distinctive profile, BoVac Drum filter are among the most modern and most efficient vacuum drum filters. They are used in various industries. The exchangeable filter cells allow changing the filter cloth during on-going operation.

BoVac Pan filter

With Horizontal Filter Surface For Ideal Filter Cake Washing.

Filters for coarse-grained and quickly sedimenting suspensions with excellent hydraulics. High solids throughputs, intensive cake washing, low residual moisture – the BoVac Pan filter guarantee high performance and reliable operation.

BoHiBar Disc filter

For Particularly Dry Solids.

Continuous pressure filtration for real challenges – such as the filtration of very fine-grained products, high suspension amounts or very low residual moisture. If faced with demanding and challenging filtration tasks and not a lot of space at hand, BoHiBar Disc filters are the right choice.

BoHiBar Drum filter

For Filtration, Washing and Dehumidification of Fine-Grained Products.

If products or processes are challenging, the BoHiBar Drum filter can prove their strength: high specific throughputs, low residual moisture, clean filter cakes. High process pressure and high temperatures are not an obstacle. Contaminations can be easily omitted with the BoHiBar Drum filter.

BoCross Dynamic filter

High Final Concentration and Clear Filtrate.

The range of services of the BoCross Dynamic filter allows micro filtration and ultra filtration of even nanoscale suspensions. The shear gap principle ensures almost ideal physical conditions for the separation process and thus, for the high concentration of suspensions.

BoCross MicroScreen filter

Classification Under Difficult Process Conditions.

Dynamic sieve filtration allows the separation of coarse or fine grain fractions. Highly viscous and concentrated suspensions can be filtered in a closed apparatus with high throughput and sharp separation cut.


Determining Filtration Properties swiftly and easily.

In the lab or in the field – BoFilTest is a very versatile apparatus used worldwide. Already small amounts of suspensions ensure a reliable analysis of filter data in vacuum and pressure filtration. The user quickly gets an idea of the relevant processes, the apparatus design and the relevant data for compliance with provisions and requirements.


Evaluating Filtration Properties in Crossflow Filtration.

The BoCrossTest device is easy to transport. Small test amounts already provide insight into filtration characteristics in crossflow filtration. Various filter media can be tested. The BoCrossTest apparatus is particularly easy to handle.

Continuous Pressure Filtration

For particularly fine particles, high throughputs and very low residual moisture.

Continuous pressure filtration with a BoHiBar Disc filter is the right solution for products difficult to filter and high suspension amounts, as for example in ore, coal or mineral processing. The BoHiBar Drum filter provides excellent results with regard to filtering and washing fine-grained products and demanding process conditions.

BoFilTest and BoCrossTest

Test Apparatuses for Vacuum, Pressure and Crossflow Filtration.

BoFilTest and BoCrossTest are compact filtration apparatuses which can provide a quick, simple and reproducible analysis of the filtration data and the substance parameters, even with only small sample amounts.

Crossflow Filtration. For Difficult Suspensions

Macro, micro, or nano.

BoCross Dynamic and BoCross MicroScreen are dynamic crossflow filters for micro, ultra, dia or sieve filtration. With the BoCross filter series, suspensions with high concentrations or viscosities can be thickened, washed, cleared or classified.

Vacuum Filtration. State-of-the-Art Design for High Performance.

BoVac Disc, BoVac Drum and BoVac Pan – those are continuously working disc, drum and pan filters for vacuum filtration. They are used especially with regard to continuous production processes with high throughputs.

Reliable Vacuum Filtration with Pan or Disc Filters.

For the aluminum industry, BOKELA provides several filter technologies. For seed and product filtration, BoVAC Disc and BoVac Pan are internationally renowned. BoHiBar Disc filter are a groundbreaking technology for dry bauxite residues.

Fertilizers Based on Potash

Low Maintenance and Quiet Filtration Solutions for Wet Processing of Potash.

In the fertilizer production, potash is an important substance. Wet processing requires filtration. Thanks to slow turning filter technologies, BoVac Pan and BoVac Disc provide noise-reduced and low-maintenance solutions.

Iron Processing

BOKELA Solutions for High Throughputs with low Residual Moisture and Minimum Maintenance.

The wet processing of iron ores asks for different filter technologies, depending on particle size and desired filter result. Innovative wear protection components ensure a reliable filter operation in the long-term.

Ore Processing

Strong filters for Modern, Improved Treatment Processes.

Getting the most put of everything you do – that’s the credo for ore processing. In order to achieve a high gain, filtration technologies have to meet certain demands. BOKELA provides solutions to filter very fine concentrates.

Coal Production

For More Economy and Environmental Safety in Coal Production.

Economy and environmental protection are essentials for modern and efficient coal preparation. BOKELA provides the right filter technologies for this endeavor. As an established expert of the industry, BOKELA sets its own standards.

Dewatering Quartz Sands

The Moisture Content is Pivotal to Selling.

In the processing of quartz sands for glass production, the reliable keeping of a certain moisture is essential. BoVac Pan filters represent an entirely new path to reach the goal continuously.

Storing Tailings Eco-Friendly

Filter Technologies and Systems for Sustainable Processing.

The processing and storing of tailings from ore and mineral production often is quite the challenge. For a water-saving treatment and eco-friendly storing, one needs cost-efficient filter technologies.

Crystallization and Precipitation Suspensions

Tailored Solutions for Smooth Solid Separation, Washing and Dehumidification.

In crystallization and precipitation processes, solids have to be separated from suspensions. The BOKELA filter series BoHiBar Drum and BoVac Drum allow a product-friendly, fully automatic solution for the often sensitive suspensions, while also reducing drying costs.

Plastic Precursors

Filtration Apparatuses for High Product Quality and Consistently Low Costs.

Filtration is often an important step in the production of plastics. BOKELA products such as BoHiBar Drum, BoVac Drum or BoCross Micro Screen provide reliability, long service life and excellent process results. Minimal energy consumption and reduced drying costs ensure an improved economy.

Pharmaceutical Precursors

For Maximum Hygienic and Economic Standards.

The production of pharmaceutical products naturally faces high regulatory standards. Apparatuses, process and filter technology have to meet those demands. BoCross Dynamic and BoVac Drum are unique solutions for different fields of application.

Pigments, Fillers & Dyes

BOKELA filters for Sensitive Solids and Smallest Particle Sizes.

Pigments, fillers and dyes are used very differently in the various fields of application. A feature all of them share is the very small size of particles, usually smaller than one micrometer. The technologies of the BoCross Dynamic, Boris MicroScreen, BoVac Drum and BoHiBar Drum series ensure a reliable and product-friendly separation.

Catalyst Recovery. BoCross MicroScreen

A Solution with Many Advantages.

Catalysis is an important process step in almost 90 % of all production processes in the chemical sector. The separation and recovery of solid catalysts from fluid phases is a real challenge – for the separation apparatus and the filter medium. BoCross MicroScreen meets these high demands.


Classification means that particular, disturbing particles are filtered from the suspension. This can include a particle collective or specific particle sizes or specific kinds of particles. The purity is essential to the subsequent sale of the product.


Low residual moisture is important for the further processing of the filter cake. With mechanical drying, an intelligent filter design and the right operation mode, production costs can be considerably reduced.

Filter Cake Washing

Filter cake is the name for the solids filtered from a suspension and collected at the surface of the filter medium. The washing of the filter cake is essential to the purity of the filtered solids and thus, for the reusability.

Solid Separation

Solid separation is the first process step with regard to separating solids from fluids. The driving force behind the process is the pressure difference with which the suspension flows through the filter medium.

Dewatering of Quartz Sand

The BoVac Pan filter is used in a quartz sand mine in Russia for filtration and dewatering of hydro-cycloned quartz sand which is used for glass production.

Dewatering and Washing of Al-Hydrate (Product)

The BoVac Pan filter is applied for filtering, washing and dewatering of Al-hydrate before the product is given to the calcination process.

Filtration of Potash (Muriate of Potash - MOP)

This BoVac Pan filter was chosen by the client to replace an old pan filter. The aim of the client was to increase the filter performances on the same footprint and to implement state-of-the-art equipment.

Filtration, Washing and Dewatering of Gypsum

The BoVac Drum filter with 1 m² filter area is operated in parallel to a 12 m² belt filter for filtration and washing of gypsum.

Filtration, Washing and Dewatering of an Organic Pharma Intermediate

The BoVac Drum filter is operated for filtration, washing and dewatering of an organic pharma intermediate. The filter is encapsulated and equipped with 3 adjustable wash bars with full cone spray nozzles and with a CIP system.

Filtration, Washing and Dewatering of a Textile Dye Product

The BoVac Drum filter is operated for filtration, washing and dewatering of a textile dye product. The filter is equipped with a wash hood and adjustable wash bars with spray nozzles and with a CIP system for clean & safe operation.

Filtration, Washing and Dewatering of Pigments

Four BoVac Drum drum filters are operated for filtration, washing and dewatering of fine sized tarnishing pigments. Each of these modern 5 m² vacuum drum filters replaces one 8 m² drum filter of old design.

Filtration of Zinc Tailings

Two BoVac Disc filters M176 are operated for dewatering of zinc tailings from a copper and zinc mine in Australia, Qld. Start of operation was in 2014.

Filtration of Copper/Gold Tailings for Mine Backfill

Two BoVac Disc filters L176 are operated in a Gold/Copper Mine in Bulgaria for the filtration of flotation tailings which are used for mine backfill. The dewatered and discharged filter cake is mixed with cement and pumped back to the underground to fill the galleries.

Filtration of Al-Hydrate (Fine Seed)

The two BoVac Disc filters L176 are operated in an Australian Alumina refinery for filtration of Al-hydrate fine seed before being recycled to the precipitation tanks.

Filtration of Flotation Coal Concentrate

The two BoVac Disc filters L176 with a filtration area of each 176 m² are used in a coal preparation plant in Australia for the filtration of flotation coal concentrate.

Steam Pressure Filtration of an Organic Acid (Naphthalene-Sulphonic Acid)

This BoHiBar drum filter is operated for steam pressure filtration of an organic acid. The suspension coming from the reactor consists of organic crystals suspended in water and is enriched with salts that are completely dissolved in the filtrate.

Steam Pressure Filtration of High-Quality Pearlescent Pigments

The BoHiBar drum filter is equipped with exchangeable filter cells and is designed for steam pressure filtration It is operated to filter, wash and dewater fine-grained (x50 < 5 µm) high quality inorganic pigments.

Steam Pressure Filtration of a Crystallization Product

This BoHiBar drum filter is operated for an intensive wash and drying of an organic crystallization product by steam pressure filtration to obtain a high purity product.

Recovery of Catalysts by Dynamic Precoat Filtration

In a BDO production plant (butanediol process) 24 BoCross MicroScreen filter units of 10 m² each are applied for recovery of catalyst by dynamic precoat filtration.

Dynamic Sieve Filtration of a High Viscous Polymeric Suspension

From a high valuable polymer dispersion coarse particles (x > 20 µm) have to be separated completely. The difference in density of the particles compared to the fluid is negligible.

Concentrating and Washing of Titanium

The BoCross Dynamic filter is used for concentrating and washing of a modified and very fine titanium dioxide which has to be further processed.

Concentrating and Washing of a Pharmaceutical Iron Hydroxide

A pharmaceutical suspension is synthesized so that a considerable amount of salt is formed during neutralization. This microfine suspension must be cleansed (washed out) of salt and further concentrated.

Concentrating and Washing of Calcium Carbonate

Special PCC Product

For concentrating a fine-particulate special PCC product a BoCross Dynamic filter with 6 m² filtration area is operated.

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Vacuum filtration, pressure filtration, crossflow filtration. Different technologies, but the result is always the same: outstandingly efficient filtration processes. We look forward to prove it our claim with testing equipment - get in touch today.

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